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Thursday, September 8, 2011

We dropped Carson to school yesterday and took a quick pic of Daddy and daughter on the stairs. I can not believe what a big girl she is! The transition back in to school was a breeze. This kid just continues to amaze me! Smart, kind, considerate.......I'm so proud of who she is becoming.

The first day she of school she just walked right into the classroom and blew me a kiss goodbye. She seems so confident and brave.

When I was looking at the picture I realized that I have really gotten my moneys worth with this dress. Carson has been wearing it for a year and a half now, pretty crazy! She has changed so much! It's really insane how quickly time passes us by.

Just trying to enjoy every second of it!


Siddy Says said...

Awww Hope Carson continues to have a lovely time in school.

Best of Luck dear

Tine said...

Oh my, she's soooo cute in her lovely dress!

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