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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not long ago I was obsessed with the latest "It Bag." I have stacks of Designer bags in dusters in the top of my closet to prove it. Since then my taste (and budget) have changed. The logo bags I used to pine over, bore me now!

Instead, I am drawn to bags that are unique and well crafted. Beautiful leathers, unusual fabrics, weighty hardware. I'm constantly searching for the perfect messenger for daytime use, a tote big enough for a weekend trip, and a carryall that can handle my load for the airport.

Sadly, most of the stuff that I find, that I can afford, is pure crap! I would rather carry nylon or canvas then cheap leather any day. Every bag I love seems to cost a fortune. Until, Will Leather Goods.

I will take one of all of the above please, a bag for every occasion. The company is based in Oregon, of course. Everything good seems to come from that state these days!

Love their:
  • hand loomed fabrics
  • vintage, embossed, and American made leathers
  • washed cotton canvas
  • Italian lambskin
  • Guatemalan fabrics and wovens inspired by Dhurrie rugs
  • re-purposed vintage military bags
  • distressed woven cuffs
  • amazing saddle leather belts
all images: will leather goods, found in vogue


Anonymous said...

Love love love the very first bag!!

mary said...

Me too!!! The color is amazing and crossbody is always my favorite!

angela mayhoe said...

These bags are awesome! Thanks for the info...I will be going to their website ASAP.

Siddy Says said...

Hiya Stephanie!!

I absolutely hear you when you talk about well crafted bags! I have such an issue trying to find the bag that reaaaaally speaks to me... lol and when I find one, I stick to it till the time it's in shreds!

I love some of the designs you've shared here. they're so raw yet so well done.


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