Pat Steir

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ages ago, when I was in college, my Aunt gave me a poetry book for Christmas. I had been going through a difficult time, and she wrote a note inside that said:

'May your todays be filled with hope and your tomorrows filled with happiness and promise!'

Scattered throughout the book were these of black and white illustrations. They are all oil and canvas paintings, waterfalls by Pat Steir.

There is a quote in the back of the book by Ken Johnson of the New York Times:

"Beauty and intellect join forces in Pat Steir's paintings. The pictures may be read as metaphors for the imagination itself, a mercurial space of fluidity and transformation."

It is strange for me to try to remember what this meant to me at the age of twenty!? It is even harder to imagine in my happiness now, how sad and confused I was then.

Regardless, such beautiful words and beautiful art......I wanted to share.

images: Pat Steir


Siddy said...

I hardly have an eye for art, but I love how some of the images just seem to have water splashing out of them... I guess it does take a great artist to make it look so effortless.
Here's to your 'continued' happiness

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