Want vs. Need

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I started out the season with a long list of things I would love to get for Christmas. Lets be honest, Pinterest alone has doubled everyones lists to Santa this year. There are just too many beautiful things out there to pine over!

After a few weeks of shopping for others and working hard to make lots of homemade extra special things, I have realized that I care a lot less about my Wish List then I thought.

It is good to feel grounded in such a crazed time of year!

I am happy to report that with just ten days left before Christmas I am feeling at peace. So far, I have been enjoying the process! As always, there's endless amounts of stuff to be done.......but I'm really enjoying all of it, even the simplest tasks.

I totally recognize that most of my joy is coming from Carson. Her excitement is contagious....she walks around singing carols. She absolutely beaming! This is the first Christmas that she really understands what is going on around her and it is pure Magic!

Anyway, I'm feeling really thankful! Thankful is sometimes a much better place for me then wishful or hopeful. It is always helpful to focus what you have and instead what you want!


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