Friday, January 20, 2012

Excited and terrified........we have decided to adopt. There I said it!

Just after Thanksgiving we received some test results back that made it clear that pregnancy for us was unlikely without assistance. After hours and days of conversation, we feel certain that adoption is the right way to grow our family!

While I have shared my struggles with infertility on this blog before, I was slightly nervous to announce the news. This is foreign territory for us and the unfamiliar can be scary!

We are so lucky to have incredible support from our friends and family! Cuyler and I are reading and researching daily, learning all that we can as quickly as we can. The amount of information about this particular topic can be extremely overwhelming, but we are navigating through it and finding our way.

The most important thing is that we feel certain that this is the right decision for us!

Thank you readers for continuing to follow the blog even when there has been inconsistency in posting! Thank you for the kind words that you have sent to encourage me to stick with the blogging while I have clearly been distracted! It has been incredibly helpful for me to continue on with LETITBE!

While I plan to share my journey here on the blog, I do not plan to focus on it. If you have any experience with adoption and feel comfortable enough to share it with me, I would welcome the advice! We have decided to pursue Domestic Adoption and are hard at work preparing our profile and getting ready for our homestudy.

Thanks again for your interest, understanding and support!


leslie said...

Congratulations!!!!! So happy and excited for you guys!

jora said...

SO happy for you.....what a wonderful feeling to know you are making the right decision for your family. My friend who has 4 adopted children said it right: a child is a miracle of all miracles no matter how he or she comes to you! Can't wait to follow your story on this exciting journey! xo

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