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Friday, February 24, 2012

We try very hard to limit the amount of television we watch, but there are a few exceptions. Portlandia is number one on that list. WE. LOVE. PORTLANDIA.

After taking a trip to Portland a couple of years ago, we have fell in love with the city, head over-heels in love! We spend hours and days imagining what it would be like to live there. We buy photography books about the city, we drink Oregon beer and Pinots.....if it is from Oregon, we assume it is better. We are a little out of control!

Obviously, when Portlandia started last season we were beyond thrilled! It's a great way to laugh at ourselves and our obsession.

So, when Cuyler found out that the Portlandia Live Tour had added Atlanta on to the schedule, there was no question we had to go. The show was held in Little Five Points, without question the hippest part of Atlanta, at the Variety Playhouse (love!). We grabbed a single beer (cheating our cleanse, whoops) at The Porter (love!) and then walked down to catch the show.

It was a combination of clips, new and old, Q&A, and music with Fred Armisen and Carrie Browntstein. Margaret Cho and Jack Mcbrayer came out at one point, hilarious! It was super fun to be surrounded by a bunch of other people that enjoy the same thing and believe in the magic of Portland!

Check out Portlandia tonight on IFC and let me know what you think. The intro alone is worth watching! Also, because like I said we obsessed with all things Oregon......check out the line up for the Sasquatch Festival this year- INSANE!


Ashley said...

Can we quit life for the month of May and be festival junkies??? http://lineup.hangoutmusicfest.com/

On the beach????

stephanie said...

Yes, Please! Gulf Shores does look like it would be AMAZING......music and the beach?!

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