Wednesday, March 28, 2012

As I mentioned the other day, I have been spending endless hours pouring through old photos to select those that will be included in our Profile for Domestic Adoption. These are some of the pictures under consideration. Clearly they are out of order and in need of editing, and while I don't have the time to do all that this minute, I thought you might enjoy seeing them anyway. The main thing to remember is: it isn't so much if it's a good or bad picture, but that you can tell by looking that we are fun, adventurous, happy, loving and overall just awesome parents and people. Hopefully someone will think so!


1. I DO NOT LIKE having my picture taken. No matter the circumstances I freeze up and do this weird thing with my face and well, it's just not good. I have no idea why I am like this, but it has been this way for as long as I can remember. I like taking the pictures, not being in them. This is endlessly frustrating for my husband who constantly points out there are no pictures that include me, and drastically limits my options for what will be included. If you own a decent photograph of me please feel free to send it my way, it would be greatly appreciated!

2. Because of my 'issue' I seem to feel most comfortable and willing to be in photos after a few drinks. This mostly yields photos that I either erase immediately or refuse to show to anyone. Those that are decent were immediately disqualified for this particular project, as I feel certain that a book full of pictures of me with drink in hand will not give the impression I am going for.

3. I completely recognize that the bangs look ridiculous! Feel free to have a chuckle at my expense. Once every few years I get mad that my hair has been the same since high school and make some radical decision to change my look. While initially I thought the bangs were pretty fierce, I tired of them quickly and almost immediately regretted how long I allowed myself to keep them.

4. While I was pregnant I believed strongly that fake eyelashes helped distract people from my fat face. For any formal event, like the six wedding we had to go to that hot summer, I carefully applied them myself. Still not sure I was it was the best decision.

5. Yes, we dressed Carson up as a hot dog for her first halloween. Cuyler and I were the vendors of our 'hot dog cart', and FYI we have a blue ribbon to prove we won first place in the family costume division at our neighborhood party. Carson Mayer Wiener, clever right?!

6. I am thankful that my sweet daughter seems to have my husbands confidence when faced with a camera and, in my opinion, takes THE most beautiful photos. While I have literally thousands of pictures of her, we are including just a few, as we want our focus for this project to be clear.

7. The photos of us skiing, golfing, running, etc. are not included because I think that they are super glamourous beauty shots, but because we have to be sure to communicate our interests and activities. Also, we have to share pictures that include the WHOLE that explains the shots of the dogs, although personally I think they are pretty gorgeous!

8. Lastly, I just want to remind you that some of these photos are ten years old. So if you have a thought like, "What was she thinking with those terrible highlights?" just imagine me coming to your house and digging out pictures of your 'do' from a decade ago.

For now, I will get back to the cleaning and preparations. I am thinking of putting up some new pictures of the house soon, since I have to take a bunch for the packet anyway. Maybe next week? Hope you enjoy these!

PS. I am going to assume that this extra long post will get me off the hook for the rest of the week. I doubt I will have time to spend at the computer the next few days, sorry! Wish us luck and I'll be back next week with the details.


Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures....and I believe you rocked the banges better than most....Amy

leslie said...

Love all the photos - such a beautiful family!

Never knew Cuyler had the curls - the wedding pics are adorable.

stephanie said...

Oh did he have curls! His hair was crazy long and gorgeous, but somehow in his hungover state the morning of our wedding he put SLIGHTLY too much product in. He looked fresh out of the shower the whole night. Ha!
Glad you liked looking at the pictures and thanks for the compliment on the bangs, sis!

jora said...

first, i love seeing your beautiful face here.

second, these photos are going to communicate EVERYTHING an adoption social worker is going to be hoping for. you are a beautiful, loving and adventurous family. there's no doubt at all. xoxo

mary said...

I enjoyed looking through these pictures soo much!! Some of the pictures of Cuyler are Carson made over! Loved this..thanks for sharing =)

Tine said...

Wow you are such a beautiful family! And I hate being in pictures as well but I don't really understand why you do – you're such a beauty! Just look at that picture of you with that yellow hat and Carson at the beach – it's perfect :)

justine said...

Your family is lovely - and the pictures will communicate just what you need them to!

On a superficial note - those yellow Hunters are adorable! =)

Best of luck with everything!

Ashley said...

Loved them all!! And it reminds me that we need to plan a camping trip if you can find the time! I don't know if it would be better to give Nick time to mentally prepare or to just blitz it on him :)

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