Friday, April 6, 2012

If I am being totally honest, I must admit that I have been missing yummy eggs! Cuyler and I have been following a Vegan diet at home now for over 30 days. Overall, we have been beyond thrilled! It is amazing how quickly your pallet can change and suddenly so many of the things that you used to eat seem completely unappetizing. Simplifying our diet has made us feel strong and full of energy!

There are a few things that I occasionally miss, however, eggs and cheese being at the top of the list. I could care less about meat, and that has been going on for some time, but eggs and cheese are two things I loved until the day I stopped eating them.

Lucky for me we are allowing ourselves a little wiggle room. Fearful of becoming 'those people' we have decided to follow our strict diet at home, but be flexible when out to eat or at a friends house. This makes us Flexitarians.

So, if I come to your house anytime soon and your struggling to decide what to make........a block of cheese and a dozen eggs sound heavenly to me!

For now I will try my hardest to stop thinking about all the lovely egg dishes I never made and focus on painting and hiding them. Above are some oh-so-pretty Easter Egg ideas that are just a tad fancier then the standard fizzling dye tablet that stains everything.

Carson has been asking lots of questions about the Easter Bunny, her biggest concern being that he doesn't have a proper name?! I have picked up tons of goodies to stuff in her basket and am most excited about a new Jellycats Bunny, (They make the best stuffies!), a vintage balloon animal making kit, some stickers and an Eco Egg Dye kit! Cuyler is headed to the Masters on Sunday and so it will be just the girls, painting eggs and taking loads of pictures.

Happy Easter!


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