Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What do you write to convince a woman that you are worthy of her child?  

How do you articulate your deep desire for a child, but respect their choice to give a child away?  Is it possible to express genuine sympathy to someone you have yet to meet?  Can you offer support and encouragement to a complete stranger in a sincere way?  How do you accomplish all of this in just a few short sentences?


The good news- IT IS DONE!!! (the first page, anyway)

While we await our Homestudy approval, it is time to finish up the Profile and get it to the printer.  This is a project I was initially enthusiastic about, but quickly became overwhelmed with.  Luckily, I have a fantastic Graphic Designer working on it with me!  I feel certain that the colors, photos, layout etc. are great, it is the writing that has had me up at night.  I have procrastinated as long as possible..........

I have been spending the last two days working on the letter to the prospective parents.  This is the first impression we will make, the only chance we have to speak directly to the reader and I have been obsessing over every word.

As personal and private as these thoughts might be, sharing it with the world is part of the adoption process.  You never know who might be reading, right?!  So, here is the letter.  


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are so excited to show you a brief glimpse of our family and a preview of what life could be like for your child.  Even though we do not know you yet, we have a great amount of respect and admiration for you and your decision to make an adoption plan.  We hope that by looking at our photos and reading about our life, you will find comfort in knowing how much we have to share.  

We have been together for over ten years, and since the beginning we have hoped and planned to raise a large family together.  There is nothing more important to us then family.  While we feel incredibly fortunate and blessed to have our daughter, we have a strong desire to have more children.  Faced with the reality of infertility, we feel certain that adoption is the right choice for us. We believe that adoption is a beautiful way to grow a family, and we are grateful that you are considering us to give your child a loving home.

We feel able and ready to open our hearts and our home to a child of either gender and any race, these are details that matter little to us.  We are open to a relationship with you, if that is something you are comfortable with, but feel it is equally important to respect your privacy if that is your wish.  While this may be our first experience with adoption, it is our hope that we will be able to continue to grow our family through this incredible process.

In our life, nothing has brought us more satisfaction and joy than being parents.  We want you to know that our family is one that laughs a lot, loves unconditionally, and constantly appreciates and encourages each other.  We believe that as parents it is our job to lead by example.  We cherish our time spent together and recognize that parenting is as much about learning as it is about teaching.  Our home is built on honesty, respect and consideration.  Everyone's opinion counts.  Your child will experience this love and support from the moment that we meet.

Thank you again for your time and consideration.

Stephanie & Cuyler Duncan


Anonymous said...

The letter is perfect! Amy

stephanie said...

Thanks for the encouragement and all your help, Mamy!

Aimee said...

Beautifully put. Just so you know, I do a lot of editing and help people with writing all the time. If you ever want me to look anything over I'd love to help you out. I know how hard it is to encapsulate your thoughts and feelings in words on paper; seems like you did a great job with it. Good luck!

stephanie said...

I would LOVE to hear feedback! Will you email me, so I have your contact information? Thanks so much for your generous offer and for following along LETITBE!

Beth C said...

Perfect and lovely.

mary said...

This is great steph...we are thinking of you guys through this process!

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