Thursday, June 7, 2012


This week everything seems sparkly and beautiful.  

After being stripped down physically and challenged emotionally, I have come out of the fog feeling incredibly energized and enthusiastic about life.  Little tasks are bringing me immense joy and I feel thankful!  

I am always amazed at what a difference a change of perspective can make.  Sometimes you need something that will stop you dead in your tracks........ a slap across the face to wake you up (know what I mean?)  Lying in bed without TV, my computer or even a book, left me alone with my thoughts.  

On Sunday, after five days of this, I sat up and thought, 'What was I complaining about again?' 

I had the most amazing AH-HA moment!  I feel different.  I feel able.  I am clear headed and happy.  Somewhere along the way I gained clarity and unloaded some weight I had been carrying.  

I hope the same for you! (without the allergic reaction, of course).


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