Friday, June 8, 2012


Yesterday afternoon I walked into Anthropologie and look at what was waiting for me. 

I have been obsessing over these planters and pinning photos that other lucky owners have taken.  I was elated to find them (and on sale, eek!)  Silly I know, its just a planter but honestly it is making me very happy!  I chose the yellow and lugged it through the mall, thrilled.  

Cuyler sort of laughed at me when I pulled it out of the bag and told him how I knew I would have it forever.  I plopped it right onto the top of the dining room table and I can not wait to go and find a lovely green plant to go inside.  

As for the rest of the shopping, well I will have to post some pictures next week, along with the rest of my summer wardrobe.  I got a new dress yesterday that I'm planning to wear on a date Saturday night with my sweet husband who is treating me to dinner and a movie. 

Right now there are yummy smells coming from the kitchen, wild rice cooking and curried lentils bubbling.  I plan to hit the farmers market tmw morning and pluck some of my own yummy tomatoes from the vine.  I am in the mood to cook.....

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

photo:  Emily


JOHANNA . today you inspired me said...


thank you for your comment over at my blog.

have a great weekend.

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