Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weeks ago they started digging my family's land.  Beautiful red and blue clay is carried off the property buy the truck load.  My father sends me photos of the holes in the earth in the fields around the house.  He talks about the ponds that will be seemingly lake size.  

It has been the same for so long, it frightens me a little to imagine what it will look like after they are finished.  Change can be hard to accept sometimes.  There will be new beauty there to replace the old, I'm sure of it.  I have been thinking about how romantic it will be to go to Marshall Pottery and buy pots made from soil from Lawless land. 

David Hicks makes beautiful sculpture and lovely collections and arrangements of clay objects.  As much as I love the slick metallic pieces, I am especially fond of the unglazed pieces where you can really see the gorgeous natural color of the clay......it reminds me of that rich red color I would see along the highway driving out to dads.

all images:  David Hicks Studio


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