Monday, April 22, 2013

Last Tuesday was our Adoption Day.

A year and a half ago we made the decision to adopt.   It has been a long and windy road, but one I would happily travel again.

In October Sawyer joined our family.  On Tuesday the state of Georgia made it official.  There are no words.  Well maybe there are a few words......relief, gratitude and joy.

I am excited to finally share our story with you.  Here are just a few images our incredible photographer took in and around our hearing. Much more to come.....

all images:  Kate Belle (photo no.6 Judge Newkirk and our attorney Lori Surmay )


Beth C said...

Amazing (and love the dress!) love you all xoxo

Beth C said...

I think you should have titled this post 'The' day. It is a day you will never forget

stephanie said...

So true. Could not have gotten through it without you, love you B.

Tine said...

You're such a beautiful family... thank you for sharing those pictures full of love and joy!

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