Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I once packed an entire apartment in a single night.

I was living in East Austin by myself that year.  I came home after a long night of drinking and literally packed boxes until the sun came up and moved out the next day.  

How is that possible?

After a weekend of ballet recital activity and an all day power outage, not a single box got packed.  I started the week determined and attempted to pack Carson's playroom yesterday.  Attempted.  

Of course everything that went into the box came right back out due to renewed interest.

The day went like this: 
  • paper dolls
  • glitter glue warshak art
  • stamp collage art
  • general cutting and mess making
  • play doh
  • finger paint
  • poster paint
  • a much needed tub

The good news- Carson's first official day of summer home from school was packed from beginning to end with activity.  The bad news- the boxes remain empty and unpacked in the playroom.  

This packing business is totally different with kids!  Pauses and distractions are endless.  My sweet girls complicate the process that I have perfected over the years.  Packing used to kind of be my thing.  Maybe I need a new approach? 

My current plan of attack:
  • be patient
  • pack only what we love
  • donate the rest
  • encourage Carson to do the same
  • enjoy the bottle breaks and goodwill runs
  • keep going
  • label EVERYTHING
  • stop when I'm tired or drink wine for renewed energy
  • listen to the Bonnaroo playlist for needed motivation
Sorry in advance for the lack of posting and pinning around here.  Read above for my list of excuses.  Promise to post lots of pics of the new place as soon as we are in.  


mary said...

Wish i could be there to help. I can in someway a far less important, non-child way lol

Tami Rebekah said...

I find myself needing renewed energy through wine often :) I wish you luck!

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