Friday, May 17, 2013

How beautiful are these scarves?

Maggie Pate, of inks+thread, is a new Pinterest friend for me.  After months of repinning loads of her found gorgeous images, I was happily surprised to find a thoughtful comment she had left here on the blog.  She offered  kind words of encouragement about adoption.

I am grateful for the new friendship and completely inspired by her.....and so I wanted to share.

I am Maggie Pate just a girl in my late twenties prolonging the entrance into my adulthood with playful projects. Current project, inks+thread is textile and scarf collection aiding my obsession with patterns. It is also a collaboration effort with other talented painters and makers. 

These lovely scarves are her latest project.  She truly has the most consistently gorgeous images on Pinterest.  Her boards are incredibly well edited and curated, her writing witty and insightful.

Read more about Maggie here, follow her Pinterest here, or visit her shop here.

Other news.......I am currently packing up the house.  We are moving in a week and a half, yikes.

Most of our belongings are headed to storage and we will be renting a TINY little house for the summer across from some of our favorite people in the world.  All of this is in preparation for our BIG move to the Pacific Northwest.

Oh, also.....we just made plans to go to Bonnaroo.  It should be an exciting summer, stay tuned.

all images & text:  Maggie Pate


katie//salt+pine said...

I love Maggie's Pinterest feed--always so many lovely images.

And you are moving to the PNW?! I must find out more about's wonderful that you're coming to my neck of the woods! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the internet love! Much luck with the move...

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