Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Everyone has days when they feel like they are drowning.  There is just simply not enough time to get it all done.

I love this metaphoric series by Paris based artist Alban Grosdidier.  He was just 22 years old when he completed this project.

'Drowning is a project that talks about the feeling of submersion that one can have by living in a big city.'

'I have always been interested in social facts. I believe street art is just a way to enrich the meaning of a piece of art, so I guess all I wanted was for people to stop in front of it and ask themselves “Why?”. The city could become my game field so I decided to work with this idea. Besides, who has not felt 'drowned' in his/her own city?'

(full interview here)

I found this fantastic interview with him in GALO:

'I mean, [everybody] has opinions and ideas about all sorts of stuff. Mine concentrates on what is visually or conceptually interesting. But as explained on sites such as TED and the 99 percent, ideas are abundant and volatile; therefore, they don’t have much value. It’s the realization of a project that makes its value. I am sure not to be wrong if I say that you have already felt like you had a great idea in your brain, but you never put it into action, so it never led to a tangible result.'

So true! Hope that his words and art inspire you.....the way that the did me.

(full article here)

all images:  Alban Grosdidier


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