Thursday, July 25, 2013

I joined a new studio a few weeks back and have been challenging my body to remember how to be strong.

It's been over a year since I have done any activity regularly and my practice shows it.  I am insecure in my poses, tight in some and wobbly in others.  But I am determined.

For a long while I have focused all energy on the girls.  My days are spent being a mom with few exceptions.

Just like any new relationship, I have been swept up........focusing on my sweet new love and caring little for myself.  Sometimes when you come out of the fog of a new romance you face a harsh reality.  What the hell happened to my body?

Somehow, while I was busy with other things, my body got soft and (worse!) weak.  Just because I am your typical exhausted mom does not mean that I have to look like one.

Two weeks into classes, I am beginning to see progress.  I wake at 530 twice a week to take morning classes and that is an ABSOLUTE miracle.  Two classes on the weekend and running when my knee cooperates- this is the current plan.  Wish me luck!

To motivate continued success I purchased this. Now I need to look the part.  Just discovered Solow at Shopbop.  Here are my picks......Namaste.

image: Free People


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