Sunday, August 25, 2013


The birthday party's over
And I've got a sleepy head,
But I got so many presents
That I can't get near my bed.
They're stacked from porch to parlor,
They're jammed up on the stair,
They're piled in front of all the doors- 
I can't get anywhere.
I can't get to the kitchen
And I'm starvin' for some food.
I can't get to the closet
So I'm shiverin' in the nude.
I can't get out to go to school,
And I can't go to the show,
And I can't get to the bathroom
Where I really have to go.
And it's painfully surprising
To find life's not too pleasant
When you become a prisoner of 
Too many presents.

Shel Silverstein 

This past weekend Carson was showered with love & affection........ and gifts,  lots and lots of gifts.  

Because of how amazing she is, and because we love her so, we went overboard.  

I'm hoping to spend a day this week cleaning out her room and toys with her.  She has always been amazing about donating the old to make room for the new. 

It's just another thing that I love about her.


drcoreydousharm said...

Love all things Shel Silverstein!! Such great books to introduce kiddos to!!

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