Thursday, August 29, 2013

The last thing I want to do right now is shop for swimsuits.

The heat has exhausted me and I am ready for the cool weather to blow in.  Bring on the chunky sweaters and corduroy please!


Something that I try to remember this time of year is that it's the ABSOLUTE best time to shop swim.

Heres why:
  1. Your insecurities are fresh in your mind. (Motivation)
  2. You are not yet hiding under layers of gorgeous Fall clothes. (Pre Denial)
  3. Everything is on sale.  All of it.  (Bargain)
  4. You will inevitably go on one trip this winter that will require a swimsuit. (Preparation)
  5. Said swimsuit can be used to gauge progress better then a scale.  (Perfect Reality Check)
Usually swimsuit shopping is miserable, right?!

Personally, I always do better looking for something when the pressure is off.  Summer is over and this years pool appearances are behind me.  While all the stores are trying to flush out last seasons inventory and usher in all the new, swimwear is practically being given away.  Suits that used to be out of my price range suddenly become affordable and it is important to note that expensive bathing suits fit better then cheap ones.  (Send me a note that you have a Target bathing suit that you feel amazing in, and I will gladly admit that I am wrong.)

So, shopping now means that I can find something that I really love and it's ok if it doesn't look perfect on me because- I have all winter long to work on it.  When I go to the cabin mid Fall I can take it out for a test run, and a few times along the way I can throw it on and take a long look in the mirror.  The truth hurts.

Lucky for me, beautiful clothes motivate me more then most other things.  Stuck in my drawer next to my socks, I will see it daily and remember to make good choices.  When Spring arrives, and we slowly/reluctantly shed our layers, the stores will begin to stock new swimwear and the weather in the South will turn brutal overnight....... I can pull out my new suit, that fits me great, that I got for a steal  and feel satisfied.

This is my plan.

I spent some time on J. Crew last night, pinning and pulling my favorite pieces.  I am loving the polka dots, the stripes, and even the punk floral.  Since Bonnaroo I have been wanting a great one piece.  All the little girls were running around with midi skirts over them, looking surprisingly chic.

Scroll and click above to shop.
Interested in seeing the rest of my J.Crew favorites?  Check out my Pinterest here.


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