Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Seemingly so simple, incredibly clever...I am a huge fan of Chad Wys many talents.  

 I often explore/exploit the idea of objecthood: how we decorate our lives with arbitrary, as well as meaningful, things; how we objectify the ones we love and the strangers we see; how we objectify pain and death; how we objectify complex and sensitive cultural histories. I'm also deeply interested in understanding the reception of art, the reception of objects, and how extrinsic and intrinsic influences affect individuals' reception of the visuality they experience.

My readymade works frequently deal with the re-contextualization of decorative art objects. By retooling the object and then re-presenting it before the viewer I intend to add new layers to the conversation that takes place between the observer and the object in its original state. By reclaiming these objects I mean to acknowledge how our possessions (can/do) define us. In so many innumerable ways the bric-a-brac of our lives becomes a unit of measure of our own worth—I wish to subvert this measure. I enjoy infiltrating this territory of being and I revel in pointing to the superficial and the wonderfully imperfect character traits in all of us.

In a world of new, now and more- I find his art and his philosophy to be insightful and meaningful!  Thoughts?

Read the his full (and insanely thought provoking) statement here.  

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all images and selected text:  Chad Wys


thecitygourmand said...

I love this work, very cool

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