Monday, September 9, 2013

So, I chopped a few inches off this weekend.

There is something about the approaching fall that had me desperate for shorter hair.  With cooler temps on the way I am excited about sweaters, jackets and scarves.  Long hair seems heavy sometimes on top of all the layers.

My adorable stylist gave me a great choppy look, to be worn messy and left unmanaged.  While he was busy working away, I was checking out some of his tattoos.  Simple and well placed, it got me thinking it might be time for a third?!

It's going to be a crazy week!  

Tomorrow night we are headed to the park to see Mumford with dear friends.  What a weeknight treat!  Saturday we are off to Austin, and Monday on to Portland for the next week......a fact finding trip, if you will.  More on that later.  Lots of packing and prepping to do.  Happy Monday!

DISTRACTION, if your interested:

Fashion Week continues and I hope your not tired of hearing about it from me!  Check out my favorite looks from the collections here and street style here.
I'm still spinning from Delpozo and I found the most beautiful images here.
Mary is obsessed with her new plaid midi, check it out with a leather crop top here.
Natalie Joos street style has reached new levels of awesome, look for yourself here and here.
I have had the best time following my Les Nouvelles buddies during NYFW here.  They have the tickets to all the best shows, plus a shop full of crazy gorgeous Fall goodness here.  Splurgeworthy! 

all images:  my Tumblr, Archive
more beauty shots:  my Pinterest, Beautification 


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