Thursday, September 5, 2013

I absolutely LOVE hands heavy, fingers full of stacked rings! 

My preference:  mixed metal, no stones,  simple and organic designs that will go with everything, interesting and unique shapes........basically any and all of the lovely rings pictured above.

When it comes to jewelry, I am building a collection.  I rarely ever by trendy/of the moment pieces.  Instead, I save and splurge to get things that I will keep and treasure forever, pieces that are seasonless and timeless, jewelry that can be mixed and matched endlessly and worn again and again.

Monica Squitieri is currently designed and created in Los Angeles.  Inspired by California's landscapes each piece is individually carved, casted, stamped and finished by hand.  The type of quality and craftsmanship that I have grown to appreciate. 

Using mostly recycled metals, the collection is comprised of well edited pieces that can be ordered in brass, bronze, silver or choose.

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all images:  Monica Squirtieri


Anonymous said...

Love it! The collection is definitely versatile, and would easily transition from day to evening. Some of the rings would look great on a chain, too, and could double as necklace charms.

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