Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Each year our holidays officially begin with a drive out to Burts Pumpkin Patch. (2011 & 2012 )

Sunny and warm, there are rows of beautiful pumpkins in every variety.  We wait in line for the hay ride through the patch, and load a wheel barrow full of pumpkins to decorate the house with.

It is always a special day for our family, but his year it meant even more!

The last trip we made out there was a bit difficult for us.  Sad over the loss of the first adoption, we were still feeling fragile.  Seeing all the babies propped up on the pumpkins reminded us of what we had just lost.  It was a challenging day.

Sunday we celebrated our sweet Sawyers first birthday, and brought her out for her first trip to Burts.  We proudly pushed our double stroller around and took hundreds of photos of our girls.  Sawyer hobbled around between the pumpkins and bounced around in the hay as we rode through the fields.

It was a beautiful day!

It is crazy how quickly things can change.  Just days after last years visit we got the call... How lucky we are!  How incredibly fortunate we are to have a healthy and happy baby!


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