Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My very best skirts are thrifted.

I either rummaged through my local shop or happily inherited them from a grandmother.  I am always amazed how relevant they are just a season or two after they become mine.  Suddenly they are incredibly current, but unique and special compared to what's in the stores.  At least that's how they feel to me.

Years ago I would have thrown on a sky high heel and a fitted top with this handkerchief skirt, maybe a bright lip and a clutch.  I suppose that would have been perfect for drinks with friends or a night downtown.

My lifestyle has since changed and while I may be drawn to the same things, I style them completely different.  I love the sartorial vibe of an oversized knit paired with a full midi length skirt.  It may not be the most flattering man magnet kind of outfit, but that's ok.  I've already got my man, so I get to dress the way I like.

I am a huge fan of the new proportions and combinations, both on and off the runway.  I think that there is something cool about a girl that dresses like she doesn't care what people think, just throws on what she loves and goes.  My favorite booties, a knit I live in (in one of the only colors that I can stand) and a big elephant skin colored duffle with chunky hardware (that I feel certain will soon be mine).  Those are the details on this look.

Everyone is ready for Spring and shopping for next season, but with cold weather back for a few days and me being a planner and all….I am still happily shopping amazing sales on knits and things to be worn briefly now and tucked away for next year.

Here's how you can make this look your own:


Behind the Mirror said...

There is definitely something cool about a girl that dresses like she doesn't care what people think! My favorite outfits are the ones that happen when I just throws on what I love and go. Great Photos!!!

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