Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I have been totally obsessed with circle bags for a while now.

Ever since I shot with the adorable Tambour bag from Les Nouvelles I have been pining for one of my very own.

Sometimes I feel like a regular crossbody bag can be too cumbersome, even awkward. These little round purses are absolutely adorable and seem perfectly manageable…slightly structured, but still flat and soft enough to avoid rumpling things all up.

I'm an especially big fan of the shorter strap.  Hitting a little higher on the waist means it isn't sitting on your thigh, making it a bit more flattering.

Thrown over dresses for festivals and gauzy shirts for parties and cookouts, it seems like an ideal summer bag to me.  Best of all, because of the pint size, most of the options are still affordable.

I'm currently stocking up on stuff to shoot with a pretty amazing Atlanta gal.  We met at an event a few weeks back and have been plotting and planning for the new site.  I can not wait to work with her and share it all with you.

If you interested, scroll and click to shop. I wonder if we will pick the same one?


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