Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sorry for the radio silence friends!

We left our house this morning around 5:00 A.M. for a 12day family roadtrip. I am BEYOND excited about it! We are touring around Texas to visit friends and family and ending up in New Orleans for Jazz Fest, EEEk!

I promise to catch up on some posting now that all the prep work and packing is done, and I will have time to relax, read and share.

I have high hopes of taking lots of pictures a long the way and even share some of what I packed for such a long trip with so many stops.

I tried my hardest not to overpack, but as I explained to my husband......I certainly can not wear the same willowy and slightly inappropriate sundress to breakfast, with Grand Marmee, that I plan to wear day one of the festival.

Luckily we managed to fit everything we needed into the new, much smaller, car. Shockingly, we made it all the way here on a tank and a half of gas?! Hooray for hybrids!

On another note......until I can post more, check out my little sister Mary's blog. She has been working hard on Happily Grey and launched it today, and I'm super excited about it! Mary has a great sense of style and takes (annoyingly) perfect photographs. Seriously, the girl is gorgeous! Check it out and let me know what you think.


katie//salt+pine said...

Sounds like an amazing trip! Have lots of fun! In the meantime, I'll definitely check out your sister's blog. :)

mary said...

I could not have gotten started without you! Thanks for all the help!! You guys have fun these next couple weeks...wish I was there!

caitlin said...

ooooh have so much fun!!! can't wait to see what you did when you return!

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