Tuesday, July 30, 2013

As Sawyer continues to grow older each month I am amazed.  Time is flying by and the struggle with fertility and the adoption seem farther and farther away.  Just a distant memory.

Now that we are crammed into our little temporary home, living on top of each other with half of our things in storage.....the true test begins.  Have I REALLY learned how to be patient and have faith?

The old Stephanie would not cope well.  I need stability and certainty to function.  I need information, I NEED to be in control!  How can I live like this???

Sometimes, being willing to give up those comforts is what puts you in the running for the big prize.

And so I will. 

I will wait.  I will have patience.  I will believe that everything will happen as it should and when I tire of being so relaxed,  when I lose perspective and feel a little crazy...... I will look at this sweet face and remember all that is possible.

images:  mine


Tine said...

Oh those pictures made my day!
Who needs perfection then? :)

stephanie said...

Thanks, as always, for following along! So happy to share my sweet little and spread the joy!

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