Little things, Big happiness!

Friday, April 15, 2011

3 cases of the impossible to find, not inexpensive, only available for a month: Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager. Cuyler has become obsessed since our good friends introduced us to this delicious beer. I almost kissed the guy at Whole Foods when he told me he had cases of it in the back.
3 strands of these sweet little silk birds that I found at World Market and hung in the window of our bathroom. They swim in the sunlight all day and have little bells on the ends that Carson loves! She absolutely insists on tickling the birds each night before bed to hear them jingle.
2 pairs of these beautiful geo earrings from A Merry Mishap. I purchased neon yellow marbled and fuschia solid. They are going to be my go to studs for everyday wear all summer long. I think that they are fun and different and special! (did I mention affordable? 9.99!!)
A pile of river rocks collected on our trip to the mountains a few weeks ago. Every night we were there we went down to the river to skip stones, or as Carson would say: 'throw rocks.' I collected a few smooth stones to bring back to the house as a reminder. It was a much needed and long awaited trip for us, and it was magical!
One pair of tiny and adorable Nike sneakers for my little. Cuyler took Carson out last Saturday, just the two of them, and returned with new running shoes for the whole family. With the weather change and the Peachtree Road Race to look forward to we are in training mode. There is something about miniature sneakers....they are just too cute!
A few random clippings from the yard. It has been an unbelievable Spring so far. This yard is endlessly blooming and since it is our first year in it, every day there is some new surprise. Carson and I like to go out with her red wagon and trim a few things to bring inside. Her favorites seem to be the weed flowers, like this yellow one....the girl is easy to please!

8 small ramekins from World Market. They come in a million colors and several sizes and they are cheap. Who knows why this makes me so happy, but it just does. I like eating things out of cute little bowls and so does Carson!
Cheers! I have started a new routine in the morning and afternoons of drinking my greens. I am hooked really! I drink a perfect superfood type drink in the A.M. and a wheat grass drink in the afternoons. It makes me feel energized and clear headed! This is my new shaker and I smile when I open it because there is a little message inside....Cheers!
Sometimes it's the little things in life, right?

This is a short list of the silly little things that have been putting a smile on my face of late. I love when that happens!

Hope you have a weekend full of simple pleasures!


Christen Mitchell styling said...

I absolutely love those studs. Do a DIY post so I can make some as well. They are perfect and so funky. As far as feathers in ATL ha I wish! I hope to make my first visit down there next winter. Honestly if you want them do what I did and order a bundle online and I honestly just watch a video and its so easy I was a pro after an hour! Email me with any questions


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