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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Silk Jumper: Madewell. Slight racer-back is flattering and pockets are always a plus! I love the idea of a one piece outfit, like a dress but better because you can do more. I love this color and am thinking I can dress it up or down, day or night.....depending on accessories.

Long Cardigan: Madewell. Perfect to throw over tops and dresses. The neutral color means it will go with everything and can even transition into fall. This one is perfect because of its weight....light enough to put over a swimsuit and push up the sleeves. I love that look!

Silk Ruffle Back Tank: Madewell. Love love love the color! It's knit in the front and with a sheer ruffle and back. I think it will be great with my ankle jeans and a pair of wedges with a long necklace down the front!

Drape Tank: Madewell. I have a thing for gray....notice the walls match the shirt? This is a cozy tank with a draping detail that means the front has the little inverted V.

Wide Tank: Urban Outfitters. This is the Urban Renewal Brand I posted about before. I think that their stuff is different. I got several things from them last year that I plan on wearing this season. I think I'm going to throw this over my swimsuit, or maybe over a dress if I can find the right one.

Cargo Pants: Madewell. I have lived in a pair of these all fall. It is so nice to have an alternative to jeans....I am a big fan! This is my summer version. With elastic at the ankle I can wear them with sandals that are flat or tall.

Tee Shirt: Whole Foods. I know that tee shirts are boring, but I am really excited about these! I am forever looking for the perfect tee, who isn't? I wouldn't even dream of spending the money on Alexander Wang or The Row....but, I am looking for that same fit: relaxed with the deep V, like I see pictures of all the time. I got this tee in a few colors and I love it! Sustainable clothing company, gorgeous colors, and extra long length.....all the things on my list.

Summer Hat: DSW. I love the wide brimmed hats at JCrew, but I can't carry that big thing around with all of Carson's stuff in tow. This is a cute little hat for when I want something on my head besides a scarf and it will fit into my beach bag easily.

Bikini: Target. I have seen a ton of amazing swimsuits this season, but I can not justify spending money on one when I know I will be mostly sitting on the ground snagging it with the little one. I have several really nice suits, I just needed a new cheapy to get me through all the summer fun with Carson. This charcoal grey one is a pretty color, flattering fit, and offers plenty of coverage for a momma.

Woven Espadrilles: DSW. I got two new pairs of flats last year and got rid of my wedges that were worn out, so this year I needed something new with a little height. These didn't photograph all that well, but they are super cute on and make me look really tall, hooray!

Straw Platforms: DSW. These are my new favorite shoes. I love the combo of the straw with the black leather! I think that they will go with everything! They look modern and retro.....LOVE!

Ruffle Sleeve Top: Thrifted. So this is about as cutesy and embellished as I get. I'm not a huge fan of lurex, but I think that flutter sleeves are super flattering and the buttons almost take the place of a necklace. I'll throw this on with a pair of denim shorts and be ready to go to a play date or run errands. Easy!

Peacock Skirt: Thrifted. This is a full skirt with a nipped little waist, so it is really flattering! I like the idea of throwing on a tee shirt and chunky turquoise to keep it from looking too pretty. I am obsessing with feather prints right now.

Printed Skirt: Thrifted. I am a big fan of the print on this skirt and think it will look great over my black bikini. It is a little big, but I like when these cotton skirts kind of hang on you.

Silk Maxi Skirt: The colors are a little wild, but I was desperate to buy more long skirts. It is one of my favorite looks this season! I'm hoping that I can put it with plain white and tone it down a bit.

Gold Nugget Earrings: Stella Dot. I love big earrings and I love gold, so these fit the bill. They are perfect for the summer......romantic or funky, depending.

Geo Earrings: amerrymishap. I have already posted about these earrings here. I was thrilled when I got them in the mail and have been wearing them since. These are colors that I own nothing in, but that is what I love! I don't want them to match! I think it offers a little something unexpected.

I have recently finished making my oh-so-thought-out purchases for Spring and Summer. I rarely get this many things at once and I end up obsessing over each and every piece. Armed with a list of missing items from my wardrobe and a budget, I carefully selected what I hope will give me plenty of options of things to pack and wear to all of the various activities in the upcoming months.

I plan to start a series of 'outfit posts,' next week so I refrained from posting all of the things I plan to wear throughout the season, but wanted to share the brand-new to me stuff. There are a few things that I already own that are going to be perfect for this season. I rarely follow specific trends and purchase only what I love. This typically allows me to wear most of my clothes for years and eventually tuck away the things I grow tired of, pulling them out later and falling in love all over again.

Clearly I love Madewell right now! I am so excited about their new group of clothes by Alexa Chung, she is amazingly stylish! I made most of my purchases there and then hit a local thrift store for some inexpensive skirts. I also picked up tons of supplies to make some diy jewelry. I'll let you know how that goes....

What's on your list?


Heidi said...

wow, you picked out some super cute stuff!!! i'm starting to do some summer shopping and it always feels me with anxiety as i'm not sure what to get, however, you've given me some great ideas!
oh, and i just discovered your blog and it's great. super beautiful pictures!

mary said...

Steph I have the DSW woven espadrilles too!! haha great minds think alike! I LOVE them! Love your other pieces!

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